Narayani Gaia presents

Empowerment Lab

Live 90 Day Immersion

MAY 7 - JULY 22 2024

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Maintaining a consistent empowered state of being is available when you finally follow through on your deepest desires and intentions and create great change in your life and the world.  This is what Empowerment Lab is all about.

What is possible if you were able to know your worth in your bones? 
The confidence would be so deep at that point, that nobody can take it away. 
In Empowerment Lab, we look at the energy underneath the stories of dysfunctional relationships and give you supportive effective tools and practices to unwind them and truly stand in your power.

Why I do this 

If you don’t know me,

Hey!  I am Narayani.

That name was given to me by one of my spiritual Gurus, Swami Satchidanda after a major spiritual awakening experience.

I found out I was a healer in 1993 and working professionally with people from cradle to grave for over 25 years.

I have been through many experiences of pain and loss, gain and wins.

My path is about integrating the world’s spiritual culture in a way that serves everyone to heal, awaken, and manifest collectively in community in these times.

I have worked as a hands-on (and off) energy healer, doula, yoga instructor, qi gong teacher, ayurvedic educator, massage trainer, speaker, retreat facilitator, and teacher of healers and am currently finishing my first book on embodied spiritual awakening.

We have not been taught how to stand in our power and understand the nature of things.

That is why I created this 90-day immersion.

It's an honor to be able to support you deeply and powerfully,


**Enrollment Details**

Ready to shift your mindset at the deepest level and access your empowered state at will? Enroll in Empowerment Lab today and take the first step toward a brighter future. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now!


**Price & Packages**

Empowerment Lab Access  

$997 or 3 payments of $335

Includes access to course materials, live calls and community forum.

Empowerment Lab VIP 

Includes additional coaching sessions and exclusive resources (inquire [email protected] for VIP info)

 You do not have to do this alone. With support from an experienced mentor and others who are showing up with authenticity and vulnerability, life in 3 months will look very different. 

That is why 90 days can change everything for you.
By participating fully in Empowerment Lab, you will discover what it takes to unlock your core patterns of negative ego's beliefs (lies) for good.

What is included

  • Library videos Trainings
  • New Weekly Meditations
  • Monthly Live Group New Moon Retreats
  • Private FB group
  • 2x / month Empowerment Lab Group Sessions
  • Mentorship VIP upgrade option

In Empowerment Lab, you will go deep underneath the stories of dysfunctional relationships so you can heal and gain tools and practices that will unwind them for good.  With support from an experienced mentor plus a compassionate community, you have a chance to step into your power for good. If you show up and apply new habits, 90 days can change everything for you in your personal, professional and spiritual life.Next Immersion

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Empowerment Lab

90 Days Can Change Everything

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MAY 7 - JULY 22, 2024